Posted by: mckcrservice | March 11, 2012

Denver Airport / First Day in Costa Rica!!

I had way too much fun at the Denver Airport with LaTia and Caitlin! We met an adorable Vietnamese 17 month old baby who kept bowing to us and falling down.  It was so cute! We also met a male college student who was originally from Honduras, and has been studying in Texas for the last three years. We had a five hour layover in Denver. So, along with reading books and hanging out, I also could not resist the call of the automated walkways! Later, the mission team sat and planned for our work with the children this week. We are going to give them a “Vacation Bible School” experience, and it made me so excited because I get to sing with the children for my station with Tabitha. I feel so overjoyed that I have the chance to use my gifts to bond with these beautiful children!

We arrived at 6 am in Costa Rica, and we immediately boarded the bus and met our hosts, Becky and Rick.  Becky is a Methodist missionary who has lived in Costa Rica since 2009, coordinating the work teams and study teams for the Latin American Biblical University (UBL). Rick was originally a UCC pastor in Oklahoma, and he felt his new call was to do mission work at the seminary in Costa Rica.  They are amazing people, and I look forward to getting to know them more during the week.

We are staying at apartments a block away from the campus.  The crazy thing was that I felt like I was walking straight into a dream I had early this school year.  The apartment I am staying in looks EXACTLY like the apartment I have seen in my dream.  I feel as if God was saying to me through my subconscious that I was really meant to be here.  That was very powerful for me!




  1. This trip sounds like an awesome experience! So happy you are all enjoying yourselves as you share your hearts and gifts with others. Someone give Natalie a hug for me!!! Julie Preis

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