Posted by: mckcrservice | March 12, 2012

Domingo in Costa Rica

Oh what a busy day!  We started off by going to an indoor soccer field in the “Isla barrio”.  Every Sunday, members from the U.B. L. go to the “barrio” to have a time with the children that is similar to church.  The children come and play soccer, listen to a bible story, and then have the chance to participate in a craft activity.  During this time, parents are invited to interact in an English lesson.  The kids are treated to a snack at the end of the time.

Today, we played two soccer games; the first with the girls and the second with the boys.  We were known as the “Gringos”.  I personally was terrified since I knew that these kids played soccer all the time and I am terrible at it.  The “Gringos” ended up winning both games and the best part was I scored a goal!  After our time at the soccer field, we were invited to a festival being held in the community.  The festival was to help raise funds to build a clinic in the area.

In the afternoon, we headed out to Basilica de La Virgen de Los Angeles in Cartago.  The Basilica is well known as a pilgrimage site for healing.  Afterwards, we returned to U.B.L. and got in a tortilla making lesson from our cook, Dona Emma.  We have been enjoying her delicious meals the last two days!  We ended the night by playing several different versions of “uno” and listening to a devotion from Ray, our Eden Seminary Intern, who encouraged us to not give begrudgingly but offer our gifts with a cheerful heart.

The mission team is great and I look forward to working and getting to know them throughout the week.  I can’t wait until tomorrow to start working!




  1. so proud of you guys!

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