Posted by: mckcrservice | March 14, 2012

Tuesday (A little late…)

Sorry for not getting this post up last night.  We were experiencing difficulties with our internet connection.  Here is the post from yesterday (Tuesday)-

Today was very busy.  We put in another hard day of work on our construction project.  The buildings which  we are working on will be new housing units for U.B. L.  seminary students who bring their families to live with them.  Some of us shoveled rocks and sand into wheelbarrows and transported them to the concrete mixers for later use.  Our wheelbarrow/shovel team moved the entire load of sand and a significant portion of the rocks.  Another group worked on cutting and bending rebar into structural frames for the apartments.  A few members of our teams worked alongside the Corpus Christi, Texas Work Team breaking rock and moving dirt to prepare a road to the apartments.  Amazingly, with both teams working on the road we were able to make a drivable road.

After lunch and much needed showers,  the two work teams and our coordinator Becky piled into a van to head over to the indoor soccer field for another day of bible school for the kids.  We played many games of soccer with every type of team we could arrange: Gringos vs. Ticos, Kids vs. Adults, and McKendree vs. Corpus Christi.  It was an amazing time.  Watching Tim running around as a referee was a comical scene to behold.  What especially struck me about our soccer was that the Spanish-English barrier did not matter.  The kids and I were able to have fun and bond with very few spoken words.  It was pretty powerful how that could happen.

The favorite part of our Vacation Bible School by far for me was the story time and music.  Johnny who is an associate minister from the United Methodist Church of Corpus Christi, taught us a Spanish song about having faith like a mustard seed.  We shared it with the children there, and in return, they taught us their favorite song in Spanish.  The music tied in perfectly with our story of David´s trust in God in defeating Goliath.  Brad played an amazingly scary Goliath with Robert (a high school freshman from Texas) taking on the role of David.

The end of our Vacation Bible School proved bittersweet because this was our last day there.  In  our three days there with the kids, we have really come to love them.  The goodbyes were sad but we had a great time sharing God and playing with the children.

I am looking forward to another exciting day in Costa Rica.




  1. thanks for sharing about your experiences. Feel blessed to be part of a University that has students so committed to making change happen in the world!

    • Sarah: Thanks for your nice comments!! TIM

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