Posted by: mckcrservice | March 15, 2012

Wednesday: A day of study

Today was a exciting day for the group. We were able to listen to  a couple of presentations by Dr. Mora and Dr Boehler, two U.B.L. professors on the topics of Geopolitics in Latin-America and Liberation Theology. I personally enjoyed Liberation Theology because of my background  as a religion major, although the other class was also very enjoyable. Both classes challenges our view of the world by focusing on the role of “North America” in Latin-American politics and in its economy.

We then had the opportunity to go to the University bookstore.  There I purchased a book in English about how Theatre could be used to teach Religion. The rest of the afternoon was spent preparing for the next day and resting.

That evening we had a wonderful time with the Texas mission group that came this week. We held a joint worship with them and ended the night with games. As a part of the worship,Tabitha offered the entire group an awesome reflection on evangelism’s connection to communication. Overall, today was amazing and just another day in paradise. I want to give a “shout out” to Caitlin for her interesting hairdo.



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