Posted by: mckcrservice | March 16, 2012

A Day to Remember or What an Amazing Day!

Today, we drove three and a half hours to a natural park area with hanging bridges in the rain forest.  On the way there, we made several interesting stops.  The first was at an amazing roadside fruit stand.  It was an unplanned stop thanks to one of the team members getting a mild case of motion sickness.  When we got out they began to show us how they squeeze juice out of sugar cane plants with what looked like a press.  It tasted delicious and sweet.

The next stop was for our lunch at an outdoor restaurant.  The chicken and rice dish I ordered was very tasty and they even had some local Costa Rican music playing during lunch.

Following lunch, we headed out to the rain forest which was about thirty minutes away.  The two and a half hour trek was incredibly educational.  We learned about the many diverse trees, plants, animals, and insects that live there from our guide, Oscar.

There were also six hanging bridges along the trail that we had to cross.  Each encounter with a bridge was both exhilarating and terrifying especially if you are afraid of heights like Tabitha, Chase and me.  But we made it.  When the team arrived at the last bridge, which turned out to be the highest at 150 feet above the ground, it began to pour down a hard rain.  I was somewhat scared but also just as excited as we crossed over and were able to look at the beautiful forest below.  It was well worth it!

Once we left the rain forest, it was on to Baldi Hot Springs for relaxation.  Once we changed, we discovered that there were at least fifteen different pools with varying degrees of water temperature for us to try.  I had the most enjoyable time there and it felt good on my tired muscles.  To finish off the evening, we had a buffet dinner full of great food and desserts.

Today has been filled with so many amazing experiences that I could not have asked for a better day out!  We arrived home late and I am ready to call it a day!



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