Posted by: mckcrservice | March 17, 2012

To Everything There Is a Season

Well, it is Friday and boy are we worn out!  After a few short hours of sleep, we woke up to start our day.  This day (Viernes), we got the pleasure of having two classes and a Bible study.  The first class was taught by a retired professor, Roy May, whose father-in-law was on the Board of Trustees for McKendree for many years.  It is a small world after all.

Our second class was taught by the Vice President of U.B.L., Nidia Fonseca.  Later, in the afternoon, we enjoyed an insightful Bible study on Acts 5 with the president of U.B.L. Seminary, Violeta Rocha.  Although it has been a very long day, it didn’t stop us from throwing Dona Emma a pizza party to repay her for all of the wonderful meals that she has prepared for us all week!

On another note, our time here in Costa Rica is running out.  Although many of us are missing our families, I think I could speak for the entire group when I say that I wish that we had more time to spend here in this beautiful country.  Natalie shared a song tonight about challenges in her devotion and it seemed as if it were perfect timing for our group.

A number of us are considering the idea of returning to volunteer at U.B.L. and the Kids Klub in the near future.  I believe that we will all know when it is our time for us to return.  “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”  (Ecclesiastics 3:1)



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